A chat about agility


A seminar-style discussion of how to improve (or introduce) agility into your organization. Cost is per student, and there’s a 10-student minimum for in-house presentation + travel expenses if needed.

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This seminar is an informal day-long discussion of what it takes to get real agility in your organization. We mix short lectures with extensive discussions and Q&A. We’ll build those discussions around a combination of material from our War is Peace… keynote and our Heuristics for Effective Software Development Organizations. The War is Peace approach addresses things you need to unlearn before moving forward. The Heuristics describe the best way to move forward. We cover Agile and Lean values and principles and include a general discussion of how the work is done and how agile organizations differ from conventional ones in both management and structure. We focus on organizational agility, not on any one framework or method. That is, this seminar addresses what it means to be and work in an agile way, not the mechanics of a specific process like Scrum, though if you are already a Scrum shop, we can talk about that, too.

This class can be presented in many formats. Probably the best is a 90-minute morning session followed by a working lunch were we can chat informally about things, followed by one or two additional 90-minute afternoon sessions. We can replace the second afternoon session with a chat with management. We can also present a much shorter single 90-minute session if you’re pressed for time. Typically, class size is limited to about 30 people so that we’ll have time to answer everybody’s questions. Cost is the same regardless of format.

If you’re considering hiring Allen for a longer-term engagement, this class is a great way to get to know each other and decide if further consulting work is merited.