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Organizational transformation & improvement.
Software architecture.

“It was probably back in 2010 or 2011 but I have remembered since then how demonstrably effective your consultation was (despite my initial skepticism!).

I'm now working at another company, … we are clearly suffering and could benefit from your help.”

–Aaron Goldman, JustAnswer

Build software better—build better software.
My mission is to make you awesome.

“That was the best instruction on software development I've ever had.”




O'Reilly Software Architecture (Berlin, November 4-7, 2019, Incremental Architecture)
SDD Deep Dive 2019 (London, November 11-13, 2019, Microservices)
O'Reilly Software Architecture (New York, February 23-27, 2020)
SDD 2020 (London, May 11-15, 2020, many topics)
Craft (Budapest, June 9-12, 2020)

User Groups

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Allen Holub (, @allenholub, is an internationally recognized software architect and Agile-transformation consultant. He speaks internationally about these topics and agile-friendly implementation technology (like microservices) and architecture. He provides in-depth consulting and training in those areas. He excels at building highly functional Lean/Agile organizations and designing and building robust, highly scalable software suitable for agile environments. He's worn every hat from CTO to grunt programmer, and is an expert-level programmer in many languages and platforms.

Allen is widely published. His works include 10 books, hundreds of articles in publications ranging from Dr. Dobb’s Journal to IBM DeveloperWorks), and video classes for (Agility with Allen), Pluralsight (Swift in Depth, Picturing Architecture, Object-Oriented Design), O’Reilly (Design Patterns in the Real World) and forthcoming on Lynda/LinkedIn.

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