This page holds slides from various conference sessions. See the videos page for a few conference-related videos, including the complete presentation of the Death of Agile keynote from Software Architect and the #NoEstimates keynote from DevWeek.

O'Reilly SACon NYC, Feb 2020

Incremental Architecture (two-day workshop and Safari webinar)

SDD Deep Dive 2018

Incremental Architecture
Mob Programming

SDD 2018

Practical Microservices (full-day workshop)
Incremental Architecture (full-day workshop)
Incremental Architecture (90-min session)
What Is A Microservice?
The Whole Stack
Microservice Swarms (Choreography)
Design by Coding (DbC)

Agile Manchester

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength, Scrum Is Agile

SDD Deep Dive 2018

Incremental Architecture
Mob Programming

NDC Oslo

Microservice Swarms

SDD 2017

Angular 2 (Slides)
Angular 2 (Code for Demo on GitHub)
Microservice Swarms
Web Appplication Architecture: The Whole Stack
DbC: Design by Coding

There's a short Video on DbC here

Nuts and Bolts

Agility (DevWeek 2016 Workshop)

Agility (The Death of Agile)
XP and Scrum

DevWeek 2016

Object-Oriented Design (Both parts)
Design (Stories to Code)

Picturing Architecture

SDD Deep Dive

The Death of Agile
Transitioning to Agile with Lean/Kanban
XP and Scrum
Agile Process
AgileArchitecture: Nuts and Bolts

AgileArchitecture: Designing from Stories


Living on Cloud 1001
OO Modeling
What Is An Object?

Design Patterns