The notion of accountability—and its lesser cousin, responsibility—often pop up in the context of business, as if both of those ideas are good things. A culture of accountability, we’re told, is essential to running a business. The word “accountable” appears all over the 2020 Scrum Guide. I don’t buy any of it. A culture of…Read More

Don’t track bugs, fix them

You do not need a bug tracking system. In fact, a bug tracking system is a symptom of a deeper problem—insufficient focus on quality. In general, I fix bugs the moment they appear—not in a drop-everything sense, but as soon as I can get to it—usually within a few hours, but sometimes in a day…Read More


Words that do not appear in the Agile Manifesto & Principles: Sprint backlog product owner manager PBI (product backlog item) scrum master Sprint review QA team PMO release train product increment stand-up (or Daily Scrum) meeting story point estimate faster time velocity quarterly plan Jira productivity utilization certification standardized process (as a positive) methodology ceremony…Read More