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Add Dividers to The Google Chrome Bookmarks Bar

It's handy to remove all text from the links on the Chrome bookmarks toolbar, leaving only the icons. Chrome provides no way to add a divider that lets you separate the icons into groups, however. This page solves the problem.

Just add a bookmark to this page to your bookmarks bar. (When you do that, be sure remove the "Name" --- the page title --- from the bookmark. Just delete the "Name" text in the dialog that pops up when you add the bookmark.

The icon that appears on the toolbar is a simple vertical divider. Drag the divider to wherever you want it to be. Add additional bookmarks to this page to add additional dividers. Clicking on the icon will get you back to this page, but you'll never do that :-).

This divider works with most other browsers, including Firefox (so it works fine if you're using the "Smart Bookmarks Bar" Add-On in Firefox and synchronizing bookmarks using Xmarks). It might not work with older versions of IE, however.

If your browser won't let you have multiple links to the same file on the toolbar, I've provided several links to the same file, so you can just bookmark them independentaly. File names are: