The Big Win

Zero to Microservices in 6 Weeks: Applied Agility

Immersive learning + real work

Build something real and learn (a lot) as you do it. By immersing your teams in a real project, your teams learn both microserives and practical agility deeply and effectively.

Over the course of six weeks, and working closely with Allen Holub, internationally recognized expert in agile process, architecture, and implementation, your teams build and deploy vertical slices of your actual product as a production-quality microservice system. No prior knowledge of microservices is required. We'll start with a high-value idea/story, and end up with a fully deployed implementation. This is real work, not a made-up exercise.

We work using state-of-the-art non-tribal agile development (not project-management) practices. We focus on getting work done quickly and efficiently, easily handling changing requirements as they emerge. Your teams learn the practical side of agility: how to use agile thinking and practices like mob programming, TDD, and merciless refactoring to get real work done.


We master subjects critical to your company's long-term success. Whether you're adopting microservices or refining your agile practice, this workshop can save you millions by eliminating unnecessary flailing around and rework.

The immersive approach guarantees that that new knowledge and habits will stick, and the practical focus means your teams can instantly apply what they learn.

Your return on investment is immediate and concrete. We produce something that provides real customer value, and the techniques you learn make future projects go faster, with better maintainability and the flexibility you need to easily accommodate new requirements.

You can also leverage Allen's presence on site with executive coaching during the engagement.

You learn to:

  • Build good (high-quality, production ready, robust, reliable) microservices, ready for the real world. (Details here.)
  • Create effective service APIs over inter-service communication and messaging architectures.
  • Tease apart your monolith and transform it into a maintainable and adaptable system.
  • Thoroughly understand incremental/evolutionary architecture (designing for change as changes occur. Details here)
  • Master advanced practical techniques for flexible and rapid software development wherever requirements change:
    • Mob programming
    • Design by Coding (DbC: create an evolutionary architecture incrementally, as you work)
    • TDD and merciless refactoring
    • Value-based planning and progress tracking
    • Story-based software development and domain-focused design.


Allen will be on site for 16 days over the course of six weeks. When off site, Allen provides support via phone, email, Slack, or Skype/Zoom/Hangouts. The team works on this project full-time during this period.

On a day-to-day basis: we focus more on lectures during the first phase and increasingly do actual work as we move forward. We are constantly learning, so mini-lectures and work are integrated throughout the entire workshop.

Get in Touch

We can customize this workshop and schedule to your particular needs, and we're happy to work anywhere on the planet. Get in touch for more details:, +1(510)859-3620 (GMT-8, Pacific Time), @allenholub.


If you'd rather take a more-traditional training approach, check out our classes and workshops.