Agile Consultant

Agile generalizing specialists are masters in their specialty and competent in a broad array of supporting skills.

I am:

• a guru-level programmer in many languages (Java, Swift, C++, Ruby, JavaScript, whole-stack and mobile development). You can't design if you can't build.

• a world-class architect, grounded in many technologies.

• a master of Agile process. I work with the entire organization—from the C-Levels to the development teams—to build a culture of agility. Architecture reflects process.

• a skilled educator. I've taught agile process, OO architecture and design, and hard-core programming (Java, C++, Ruby) to thousands of programmers, both for the University of California Berkeley Extension and in house, always to great reviews.

• an internationally recognized author and speaker. A dozen books, hundreds of articles, influential in many areas (O'Reilly, Pluralsight, Apress, Prentice Hall, McGraw Hill, Dr. Dobb's Journal, JavaWorld). Speak and work all over the planet.

• a strong collaborator. I've worn hats ranging from grunt programmer to CTO and Principle Architect. In the real world, there's no time to defer to an authority when the teams must make decisions. I teach teams how to produce effective systems, and support them in their work.

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